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Healthy Eating Habits for Your Kids

With the country coming to its senses about increasing health problems in children, it is no wonder that most mothers have started to pay more attention to their kids health. With the reduction of the starting age for the onset of health problems like obesity and eating disorders, it is doubly essential that your child develops healthy eating habit. Here are some eating habits that you can work on for your kids:-

Healthy Eating Habits 1 - Eat healthy yourself

Most often children take after you about a lot of things. This is the reason why you should develop healthy eating habits for yourself. This in turn will also influence what you feed your family.

Healthy Eating Habits 2 - Cook more - Eat out less

1. Cooking has become a luxury to most especially because of the lack of time in today's fast moving world. But cooking is one way you can guarantee a diet that involves healthy food!

2. Assess your families eating habits and see if you eat out or order in more often. Resort to some quick and healthy recipes if you are short of time. Try to reduce eating out to once in a week or less or fix a day in the week for such a treat. This way you can control your families junk food intake and at the same time appease their food cravings!

Healthy Eating Habits 3 - Develop a Balanced Diet for your family

1. Chart out a diet that includes fruits, vegetables. Make sure that you add protein rich food like Fish, eggs, beans and nuts.

2. Involve the children in the meal planning and preparation process and use this oppurtunity to explain to them the importance of eating healthy!

3, There are a number of healthy snack recipes online, access them or use your own creativity to cook up healthy snacks for your children.

4. Remember that children, especially younger ones often raid the kitchen for food. So, stock up lots of healthy snacks and food like fruits.

5. With obesity on the rise in children it is also important to limit their consumption of fat rich food. Reduce your child's fast food and sweetened drinks intake. Don't cut it out completely as doing so will only increase their craving for it. You will have to learn to control their intake either by fixing a day when they can eat out or buy ordering in a surprise treat once in a while. Check this link for some tasty low fat recipes.

6. Avoid deep-frying food and stick to healthy cooking methods like broiling, grilling, roasting, and steaming.

Healthy Eating Habits 4 - Family Meals

1. Family meals are great as it guarantees quality time spend amongst family members and also ensures that the kids get one completer meal in the day.

2. At the meal you can encourage your kid to eat the veggies and fruits that you have added to the spread on the table.

3. Family meals are also a great opportunity for your child to witness your healthy eating habits.

4. Once the Family meals become a habit, provided they are served at a fixed time, the children can reduce unnecessary snacking practices

Healthy Eating Habits 5 - Other practices

1. Don't bribe or reward your children with promises for food.

2. At the dining table don't follow the clean plate rule. When the child says they have had enough remove the plate. Remember it is no about eating more or less. It is about eating right!

3. If you think that the child has been taking lesser food, query them about it, they could be on a self imposed unhealthy diet!

Healthy Eating Habits 5 - Track their food intake

Though tracking your child's food intake may be difficult, you can try. Strike up a conversation with your child about his week and figure out how many times he has eaten junk food. If you think it is too much, explain to him or her, the dangers of an unhealthy diet and its consequence like obesity or eating disorders


Want to Lose Weight For Summer? 3 Reasons to Get Your Diet Meals Delivered!

Looking to shed pounds for summer? There's nothing like the removal of heavy winter jackets and bulky sweaters to inspire a mad rush for the nearest diet.

Your natural reaction may be to groan and think "I don't want to go through all that work again this year!". I'm with you. Diets can take up a lot of time and struggle to get those pounds off for summer.

But what if there were an easier way?

What if you could watch the pounds drop off quickly and easily - while eating delicious food that is prepared for you? Sounds like a dream? It's actually quite possible - when you choose to get your diet meals delivered.

Diet meal delivery is a fairly new concept - but it's catching on like wildfire. People love being able to eat delicious meals with no prep, no counting calories or carbs and no shopping. It's very easy to lose weight - and more affordable now than ever (in fact, it might even SAVE you money on food!)

So with that in mind here are 3 reasons you might want to try getting your diet meals delivered:

#1 You Save Time

One of the #1 reasons people hate dieting is that it takes so much time - time they don't have. You have to wander the supermarket looking for food you've never heard of (what the heck is Okra?), chop endless vegetables, figure out complicated "diet" recipes. And then after hours slogging it out in the kitchen, you finally taste the food - only to be disappointed. It's a recipe for diet disaster.

Plus, when you're hungry and you have 3 appointments, 1 work project and a kid's soccer match to get to - who has time to make dinner?

Having your diet meals prepared for you and on hand (ready in 5 - 10 minutes) saves you a lot of time. You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen. Plus, many services also include snacks so if you get hungry, you just grab and go.

#2 Enjoy Restaurant - Quality Meals Every Day

The second problem with diets is that they don't taste great - and we humans can only deprive ourselves for so long. By the second day of vegetables, I often find myself face-down in a carton of Ben and Jerry's. Deprivation just doesn't work.

But what if you didn't deprive yourself of delicious food - what if you went the other way and enjoyed tasty, mouth-watering meals every day? How easy would that be?

Many diet delivery services offer restaurant-quality, chef-prepared meals for their dieters. This means you get to pamper yourself every day while losing weight - so it's a lot easier to stay on the plan (you may even enjoy the food more than your usual fare!).

#3 Super-Easy To Follow

Another problem with diets is that they can be hard to follow. You have to count carbs grams or calories. You have figure out how many points that pizza slice is. Or you have to know the proper ratio of carbs to proteins to fats. Not to mention that you may even have to search out special foods and try to learn how to prepare them.

Now women can be very good at all this - we've turned dieting into a national sport. We can probably list the calorie counts of our meals in our sleep. But how much time and mental energy you end up wasting by doing this? You lose out on enjoying the moment, enjoying the people you're with and enjoying the experience.

Why do that when you don't have to? When you have diet meals delivered, you don't have to count calories or carbs or fat grams. It's all done for you. You don't have to figure out if this meal will help you lose weight - or blow a weeks' worth of dieting efforts. You just eat - and lose weight.

It's so simple, you can relax and just enjoy your life as the weight drops off.

So those are 3 reasons to consider trying a diet meal delivery service. If you decide to go for it, you may want to research first and see which services fit your budget and lifestyle. But once you find a service that meets your needs, you're well on your way to a smaller, thinner body - just in time for summer!


A Healthy Cookware Set Is Important to Better Living

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you start in the kitchen, where food is prepared and eaten. While you may be trying to prepare healthy meals, the cookware set you are using may be causing health issues, some that may not even be felt until later in life. What constitutes a healthy cookware set? That is a good question, considering there are many different companies that say they have healthy cookware, but don't.

There are a number of different products out there that claim to be a healthy cookware set. Healthy cookware starts with pans that have raised bottoms, ones that drain the oils and fats away from the food you are cooking. Even lean cuts of meat still have some kind of fat, and without the right cooking tools, these unhealthy ingredients could be winding up inside you.

Did you know that certain metals can actually be harmful to your health? A couple of these are aluminum and copper. The problem is that these are reactive cookware, meaning that at high temperatures, or with certain acidic foods like tomatoes, the metals can actually be absorbed by the food and these heavy metals wind up in your body, causing all kinds of medical problems later on, including Alzheimer's.

With Teflon or other 'non-stick' coatings, you have to same kinds of problems. Most people that use that kinds of pans don't realize that they can't be heated to high temperatures because the coating starts to break down, winding up inside you. Another thing about non stick cookware is that while you are only supposed to use wood or plastic spatulas spoons and forks, many people forget, or get lazy and use metal utensils anyway, again, allowing the non stick surface to peel of and be eaten. Sounds terrible to think about what these materials are doing to your body, and there is no real way to get rid of them.

A real healthy cookware set is one that is made from inert and non reactive materials, such as earthenware, or ceramic pots and pans. These don't react with acidic foods, and there are no coatings on the cooking surface that could potentially be harmful. Other examples of healthy cookware includes enamel, titanium, and glass. Enamel is a glass surface that is fused with the cookware, and with the proper care can last a lifetime.

Make sure that if you are going with enamel that is a quality product. Poor quality enamel is just a thin layer, and can chip off, not only getting into your food, but exposing the metal underneath which can be interact with your food as well. Titanium, while it is non reactive, as well as light weight, is a poor heat conductor. Typically, this cookware has titanium fused over aluminum as a non stick coating. While these are durable and a healthy cookware set choice, they are also expensive.

When it comes to some of the best non reactive healthy cookware sets, try glass. Glass in not reactive, retains and distributes heat evenly, and is an excellent choice for storing food in. If you have any aluminum cookie sheets or muffin pans, these can be made into healthier cookware if you line them with cooking paper.


Mardi Gras Cooking Cajun Style

Mardi Gras is a special time of the year down in Cajun Country. Even if you don't live around New Orleans you can still rejoice in some of the fun and revelry associated with Mardi Gras by throwing a grand old meal befitting King Rex himself.

The trick about bringing Mardi Gras to the Midwest or wherever you may be, is to always have the mindset that makes Mardi Gras such fun and an enjoyable event for people from all over the world. If that doesn't work a bowl or two of gumbo topped off with some Mardi Gras music should do the trick quite nicely.

Honestly though, part of the appeal and intrigue of Mardi Gras and the city of New Orleans is the food that has made this city almost as famous as its ability to party. If you are considering what to cook to bring the spirit of Mardi Gras into your home, try any of the traditional favorites. If ingredients prove hard to come by you might want to add a little rice, a little spice, and a lot of hot sauces to your favorite family meal.

Those who live in New Orleans often use rice to stretch the budget. Rice is filling and is cost effective. This makes rice a great foundation of a meal for many of the families of New Orleans many of whom have been pretty poor by tradition.

Rice is used in all manner of dishes from gumbo to red beans and jambalaya and many dishes in between. It is almost certainly the one staple of Cajun cooking that you will find everywhere you go.

Otherwise there are wide differences in cookery according to cost and culture (though the more costly foods are normally considered Creole rather than Cajun. Sort of a city cousin - country cousin type relationship between the cuisines).

Spices are dominant in these dishes for much the same reason that rice is. They have traditionally been an inexpensive method of seasoning dishes that would otherwise be quite insipid. Expect to find plenty of spices and some heat in most traditional Cajun dishes all over the city. Some restaurants that cater to tourists have somewhat watered down versions of local favorites.

If you want to try something with a little less fire, a po-boy or muffaletta might be what you are looking for. These sandwiches are more than a little deceptive in appearance because they are very filling. French fries are still a Cajun favorite, although we also have a popular dish called fried sweet potatoes.

You can find recipes for all of these online quite easily though you will probably have trouble finding the ideal bread for a po boy anywhere outside the Crescent City. There is a unique "chewiness" to the perfect po boy bread that may be copied in other places but not equaled anywhere in the country.

For the best finish to your Cajun cooking you should make a point of buying some chicory coffee. This is easily accomplished via the Cafe du Monde website if your local coffee shop doesn't have any. Historically, chicory was added to coffee and often used instead of coffee because it was much cheaper.

This meant it could make the more high-priced coffee beans go further and yet provide a similar taste and texture with that hint of chicory. It's a somewhat unique flavor and for many people is synonymous with the city itself.


Learning how to Prepare and Cook Health Food Recipes

Health food recipes may seem daunting; however, they can be prepared very easily on a budget and ensure that the correct foods are eaten. Far too many people today eat snacks and meals that are full of fats and processed foods. Obesity is becoming a huge problem all over the world, and learning how to prepare and cook healthy recipes is essential.

When the body does not receive the adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins that it requires every day it will begin to suffer. Many of the foods that are eaten are simply quick, processed, empty calories that provide nothing for the body. Health recipes are easy to follow and will ensure that the body is receiving exactly what it requires on a daily basis. There is no excuse why everyone cannot learn how to prepare and cook healty recipes.

People often think that cooking health recipes is time consuming, and expensive, however, if the meals are planned in advance they will, in fact save time and money. By providing the body with healthy, nutritional snacks and meals throughout the day, the cravings and over eating will stop. It is surprising once a routine has been established how easy it is to follow the health food recipes. There are always plenty of different options, and healthy does not need to mean boring or bland.

Planning is essential from the very beginning knowing what meals are to be cooked, and what health recipes are to be followed will save time and money. Although it may take time for the whole family to adjust to the new healthy recipes, once they understand that there are no unhealthy alternatives they will give the healthy foods a chance.

Fruits and vegetables can often be included in the health food recipes raw, therefore, saving on cooking time. The fruits and vegetables can be simply washed, chopped and thrown in salads and fruit cocktails. Finding alternatives to frying is essential, and many of the health food recipes will ask for foods to be grilled, boiled or steamed. Once the habit is broken of frying everything, this method of cooking will soon be forgotten.

Thankfully the popularity of healthy foods and health recipes is growing, which will help to bring the ingredients down in price. Eating healthily no longer needs to be an expensive way of cooking, and finding the right ingredients will ensure that they are great value. Including fresh herbs in the cooking process is a great way to provide an extra element to the meals.

Introducing healthy recipes will encourage children to eat healthily, and ensure as they grow they understand the importance of healthy living. Children learn everything from their parents and the adult influences within their life. If the children of the future are introduced to health recipes, they will not want to eat unhealthy foods. Healthy foods can be great alternatives to many of the processed snacks that can be found at the local stores.


The Perfect Low Carb Diet Food

Whatever diet you choose, low carb, low fat, low sugar, all of the best tasting foods are always the villains! All the comfort foods are high in carbohydrates, high in calories, and are highly processed. All three of these things are to be avoided when trying to lose weight and/or gain health.

Carbohydrates are literally in just about everything. There are simple and complex forms of carbohydrates. We need a certain amount of carbohydrates to function. We just need LESS of a good thing. So the phrase low carb diet food, simply connotes those foods that are lower in carbohydrates.

Simple forms of carbohydrates burn faster, so you are hungry again sooner, and for one thing, this leads to cravings and binges. Simple carbohydrates are for instance those that contain sugar. While refined sugar (sucrose) is the worst enemy, there is also fruit sugar (fructose) and milk sugar (lactose).

A low carb diet food would be those that limit all carbohydrates, but especially the simple carbohydrates. Of the simple carbohydrates the only one we really don't need much of to be healthy is sucrose. Particularly, refined white sugar. We would not be wise to eliminate milk (as long as it is skim or low fat), and certainly fruit is always associated with a healthy diet.

Complex carbohydrates are those that are more healthful, such as whole grains and vegetables, which are less processed. It seems the processing is what removes the nutritional value of the foods. Complex carbs take longer to digest and are therefore available to generate energy for a longer period. However, these whole grain foods would also need to be limited due to them being considered high in carbohydrates. In that they are healthy foods, however, small amounts would provide more nutrition than a large amount of processed foods.

The only foods that don't have carbohydrates are meat and fat. Both of these, if eaten in excess can be detrimental to your health. If I eat only meat and fat, I will indeed be on a low carb diet and may lose weight. However, while I may look better, I may die of clogged arteries or a number of other diseases caused by too much meat or fat. No use being a svelte corpse. I'm vain, but not that vain

Pastries are usually made from processed flour, and refined sugar is their main ingredient. Almost as tragic as a life without pastry, is a life without pasta or rice. However, this wonderful food is also one of the main foods that would not ever be considered a low carb food! Eat these very sparingly.

So besides avoiding these major villains, the operable concepts in describing the low carb diet food are limiting or reducing, (not omitting) most carbohydrates; and choosing natural or unprocessed forms of carbohydrates, rather than processed or refined; moderation, as in all things, is key to a low carb diet plan.


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